Ever think about becoming a KEYA volunteer? Just talk to the staff. Training is done individually. If you want to do music programs like the nights owls nest , country & western or oldies, etc.., or maybe you're interested in doing the announcing during our Sports Broadcasting, have a chat with KEYA Program Director Jarle Kvale. Kimberly Thomas currently organizes off-air work, and Bill Morin will answer any Underwriting or membership questions, June Poitra will answer billing questions. Engineering and computer volunteers should talk to Kimberly Thomas. KEYA’s phone number is 701-477-5686.


Volunteer DJ's

Janice Eller
Public Affairs Assistant

Laycee Laverdure
Website Designer&Manager

Tia Morin

Lyle "Big Sexy" Old Elk

Josh Bercier

Eric Lagasse

High School DJs

Megan DeCoteau

Kiana Thomas

Macy Gourneau

Terese Azure

Ethan Mickelson

Volunteer Staff

Robert Lattergrass, Jr

Michael DeCoteau

Kevin Eller

Other Volunteer DJs

Pete Barnett

Natasha Poitra

JJ "Double J" Gourneau

Debbie "Chook" Keplin